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Smartlipo Triplex
Advanced Laser Lipolysis System

Smartlipo triplex is the newest generation of laser assisted liposculpture. It is FDA-approved, and uses a triple-wavelength laser system that both liquefies fat and tightens skin by stimulating collagen remodeling.

• More effective laser lipolysis
• Proven tissue coagulation resulting in tightening
• Reliable, controlled energy delivery
• Reduced liposuction treatment time and less downtime
• Less bleeding and bruising
• High-definition sculpting capabilities


Smartlipo Triplex is an innovative procedure that allows you to remove up to 3500 ml of fat in one appointment. This procedure combines three different wavelengths at 1440, 1064, and 1320 nm that not only can melt the fat away, but through tissue coagulation, tighten your skin as well. The Smartlipo Triplex system is equipped with Smartsense with ThermaGuide to ensure that your skin never gets too hot and the procedure stays comfortable. This unique addition is one reason that many people use Smartlipo Triplex for the more delicate areas of the body, such as the inner thighs, arms, outer thighs, waist, chin, abdomen and ankles. The majority of people can return to their regular daily activities within just a few days.

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