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The microdermabrasion procedure uses alumnimum oxide crystals to essentially brush off the top layer of the skin which is mostly dead skin cells.  This non-invasive skin treatment promotes new skin growth for softer and smoother skin.  This procedure is effective in cleaning out pores and prevent breakouts and blemishes if used on a regular basis.

Am I a candidate for microdermabrasion?
If you have acne or a history of acne, discolorations and superficial lines and wrinkles, uneven skin or sun damaged skin then microdermabrasion may be for you.  Although microdermabrasion cannot remove deep scars or severe blemishes, it does provide an safer and effective means than deep invasive peels.

When is microdermabrasion usually performed?
Microdermabraisions can be performed at anytime with treatments 10 days apart.  It is recommeded that women schedule this procedure 2 weeks after their menstrual period as this is the time that the skind is the most sensitive.

What should I expect after microdermabrasion?
The initial sensations after this procedure is like that of a sun burn or wind burn.  Your skin may feel dry and can peel.  This is all normal and will subside within 3 days if high quality moisturizer is used and you use sunblock.  After 3 days of adhering to recommended post-procedural instructions, you will feel a much softer and smoother skin. 

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