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What is fat transfer?
Fat transfer is a method of augmenting and giving a particular contour to a targeted area on the body.  It is used as an alternative to surgical implants while still providing the size and shape desired from surgical implants.  Fat transfer allows you to move fat from one part of the body like the abdomen, thighs or hips and insert the fat into other areas of your body such as your breasts or buttocks. 
The results vary from patient to patient.  Some transferred fat can be absorbed by the body which may require multiple treatments.  The more treatments a patient gets, the longer-lasting the results will be.

The procedure

  1. Patient is sedated, by a combination of medications, during the procedure.
  2. Antiseptic is applied to the areas there fat will be removed and the located where the fat will be injected.
  3. Fat cells are gently removed from the area using liposuction.  This uses a tube that is connected to a vacuum that will suck out the cells
  4. The removed fat cells are processed and purified before being injected into the desired location through very fine injections.

Why fat transfer?
Fat transfer has more benefits than traditional implants

  1. The fat is from your own body so there is a zero chance of rejection.  The procedure is biocompatible and non-allergenic
  2. A fat transfer feels more natural than artificial implants
  3. Fat transfer enhances the desired area without the worry of hardening, rippling or ruptured implants
  4. The removal of fat from an area can have the same results of regular liposuction creating a slimmer appearance
  5. Less chance of scarring as the fat is injected through vry fine incisions
  6. Fat transfer can be used in adjunct to artificial implants to make the implants look more natural

Breast fat transfer
For any woman who wants to enhance their breast size, fat transfer is a great possibility.  Whatever the reason is, whether it be breast-feeding, dieting, illness or aging, fat transfer can greatly enhance the breasts to a desired size and shape.  The ideal candidates and cases involve an augmentation of 1 cup size.  You can choose the size and shape of your breasts while maintaining a more natural feel.  As an added bonus, you get liposuction in an area of your body as well!

Buttocks fat transfer (Brazilian butt lift)
            Fat transfer can be used to enhance and shape a more desired buttocks.  Instead of invasive implants, patients can opt for a fat transfer because the fat is from your on body and sculpt your bottocks into a shape you want it to be. 

How to prepare for Fat Transfer

  1. In your consultation, tell your doctor any and all medical history as well as any medications you are taking
  2. Lab tests and blood work are required to be done before your procedure
  3. Someone should be with you after your procedure as you will not be able to operate any vehicles immediately after
  4. You will need to wear a compression garment in the area where you recieved your liposuction as well as a seperate garment in the area of the fat transfer for 4-12 weeks.

Potential Risks and Side Effects
Most patients experience some brusing, selling and redness around the donor and injection site.  These will heal in time.  Certain procedures will require patients to change some of their daily activities including but not limited to how a patient will sleep, sit down, etc.  There is a small chance of bleeding, infection, nerve damage or fluid collection but all this can be controlled and corrected. 


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