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Mere exercise will not get rid of a double chin or flabby neck. Often, these fat accumulations are a result of age, genetics, and overall weight. Chin liposculpture can provide dramatic and fast results in creating a strong, defined, youthful jawline. The procedure takes less than one hour and most patients are fully healed in less than a week. This procedure is especially popular before special occasions, such as weddings or reunions, because of its quick recovery time and dramatic results.



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Cheeks begin to lose their natural volume as we age, leading to a tired, haggard or sad appearance. This also contributes to and is largely responsible for the dark circle appearance of the under-eye area. The smile lines, also known as “crow’s feet” often extend out onto the cheek. The area between the nose and the corner of the mouth, or nasolabial fold, can be deep, and may even extend under the corner of the mouth, leading to a “parentheses” look.



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