About us
Central Park Smartlipo, where we provide the latest in modern laser technology for the patients of Manhattan and the greater New York City metropolitan area. With nearly thirty decades of primary care medical experience, Dr. Hong aims to provide our patients a healthier, youthful look and feel - and a renewed sense of confidence.

Laser body sculpting
      - Smartlipo Triplex
Fat transfer
      - Breat & Hip augmentation, Injection
Cellulite treatment
Aesthetic Non-surgical Procedures
      - Botox, Filers (Restylane, Juvederm, Perlane, Radiesse)
      - Laser Fraxel, ThermaCool NXT
      - Hair Removal
      - Spidervein removal
      - Microdermabrasion


Dr. Jae K. Hong M.D.

Member of American Society of Cosmetic Surgery
Member of American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery
American Board of Internal Medicine


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